Washington Elementary School

Information, Rules, and Procedures 

This packet was developed to answer many of the common questions parents may have during the school year and to provide specific information about policies and procedures. This packet contains important information.  Become familiar with this information and keep it for future reference. If you have any questions that are not covered, please contact the teacher or building principal. 

All district policies and procedures can be found online at: www.wyandotte.org 

Mission:  Educate, Inspire, Empower
 School Hours:
· First bell rings at 8:00
· Students are expected to be in class at 8:05
· Students should arrive no earlier than 7:45 unless attending before school care or breakfast.
· Half Day dismissal 11:43
· Dismissal 3:00
· Students must be picked up by 3:10pm daily  (11:50 on half days)
 Before/After School Care: 
Please contact the following organizations if you are in need of before or afterschool care: 
· YMCA of Southgate:  (734) 282-9622
· Salvation Army: (734) 282-0930
        1258 Biddle Ave., Wyandotte
First Day Procedures:
I know the first day is exciting for you and your student, but I do ask that you allow them to enter the building independently.  The students will be assisted by teachers and other caring staff members. Each teacher will be carrying a specific color flag to help your child recognize who his/her teacher is.  Allowing your child to enter the building with his/her classmates begins the process of developing independence and allows the teacher to get started right away. Thank you! 


Entrance and Dismissal:
Southwest entrance (doors closest to the marquee): Mrs. Heffinger’s Young 5 class, Mrs. Evanoff’s kindergarten class, and Mrs. Brown’s and Mrs. Matulonis’ 1st graders
Front main doors: Mrs. Bruner and Miss Lanstra’s kindergarten classes, Mrs. McElhaney’s 1st grade, and 3rd grade
Doors closest to the playground/parking lot:  2nd, 4th, and 5th graders 
These are the doors they will enter and dismiss from each day.  Designate a spot outside to meet your child(ren) afterschool. They must exit out their assigned door.  They are not permitted to walk throughout the building afterschool. Students must be off school property by 3:10pm.  Please plan accordingly.
Students must line up outside in their designated line, unless inclement weather occurs (rain/snow or temperatures below 32 degrees*)   * Students go outside for recess unless the temperature is below 20 degrees
Parents must wait outside during arrival and dismissal.  
If you need to enter the building for any reason, you must use the visitor entrance and sign in at the office.
Drop and Drive:
In coordination with the City of Wyandotte and our Police Department, we have permanent markings and procedures for a Drop and Drive system at Washington Elementary School. The Drop and Drive Zone will be strictly enforced from 7:30-8:30 am.   For your child’s safety, we have adult patrollers at the Drop and Drive Zones, as well as our student safeties stationed at each of the entrance doors.
Since Drop and Drive is not utilized in the afternoon, you may park in the Drop and Drive zones and wait in your vehicle for your child to exit the building without concern of being ticketed.
Please make sure to park in designated spaces only and be respectful to our neighbors and their property.


Regular attendance and punctuality in school gives students the best chance of benefiting from the instructional program.  Experiences missed because of absences cannot be made up adequately. It is the intent of the school to enforce the following rules and regulations for attendance:
· Parents are asked to call or email the school when their child is absent: (759-6185) or choletk@wy.k12.mi.us
· If your child is going to be late and needs a hot lunch, you must call the office by 8:30 to have one ordered.  If not done, a parent must bring a bag lunch back to the school for the child. 
· Attendance is reviewed regularly by staff.  Parents will be notified by the classroom teacher when the  student has reached 5 absences or tardies (Arriving after 8:05 or leaving early at the end of the school day).  At 10, you will receive a letter from the school and at 15 the district attendance officer will be notified. If students are absent beyond this, a parent/guardian may be prosecuted and, if convicted, face up to 90 days in jail, or a fine or both.
· Please provide medical documentation for absences when possible.  Children are only officially excused with a doctor’s note.
· Please try to plan family vacations during breaks to avoid excessive absences. 
· Student absences are reported to parents on Parent Connect, report cards, and by request. 
Arrival After 8:05:
For the safety of our students, all external doors are locked at 8:05.  If you or your child needs to enter the building after this time, you must use the visitor entrance.  Please push the button to contact us in the office and we will unlock the door for you. 


Student Early Release:


· Students will only be released to those persons listed on the emergency card in the office. 
· If you are picking up your child during the school day, you must sign him or her out in the   office. The secretary will call the classroom for your child. Your child must meet you in the school office where he or she will be released. 
· Identification is mandatory. 
· Early releases are considered the same as tardies and will follow the same attendance procedures. 


Visits/ Personal Deliveries:
· In order to properly monitor the safety of the students and staff, each visitor must report to the office upon entering the building to sign in and receive a pass.  
· Any visitor found in the building without a pass shall be asked to return to the office.  
· If a person wishes to speak with a member of the staff, he/she should call for an appointment prior to coming to the school, in order to schedule a mutually convenient time.
· Parents may leave items for their son/daughter in the main office. 
· Personal deliveries are not to be made to individual classrooms - The purpose of this is to minimize class interruption and ensure the safety of our students.
School Meals:
· Breakfast:   Cost $ 1.50 (from 7:30—8:00)         Lunch:  Cost $2.85 
· If your child is going to be late and needs to order a hot lunch you must call the office by 8:30.  No lunches can be ordered after this time.  
·  If a parent visits their child during lunch times they must stop in the office to receive a pass and a designated area will be available for parents to visit with their individual child.  Parents are not permitted to eat in the lunchroom. 
·  Students are not permitted to have pop at lunch.  Please plan accordingly.
·  School meals can be paid on a daily basis or parents may pay in advance.  Money paid in advance will be put on the child’s lunch account and will remain there until used or until the student leaves the district.  There is no charging of lunches.  Checks may be written to Wyandotte Food Service.  You may also pay online and check your child’s account balance through My Payment Plus:  
If you need your child’s ID number, please call the office.  Also, we encourage everyone to fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch Form.  Doing so helps our school. 
Important Documents:
· Emergency Card:
The emergency card is provided at the beginning of each school year and both sides must be filled in completely.  Failure to return the completed form to the school could jeopardize a student’s safety. Therefore, students are not permitted to participate in gym or recess until the emergency card is turned in.  At least two emergency contacts should be listed. It is the parent’s responsibility to immediately notify the school office of any changes during the school year.
· Medication Form:
The school staff cannot dispense medication (including, cough drops, etc.) without a doctor signed district medication form on file.  A parent must bring in the medication in its original container to the office where it will be administered by a staff member.  
· Free/Reduced Lunch Application:
If your child received free or reduced lunch last year and attended Wyandotte Public Schools, you must complete a new form for this year online by October 15th or you child will be charged full menu prices.  Any new students completing an application must wait until approval is given before free or reduced prices are given.
· Volunteer Consent Form
Parents must complete this form online two weeks prior to scheduled event to volunteer in any capacity.  The form can be found on our district website:  www.wyandotte.org Go to the parents and community tab and select volunteer.
Student Dress Code:
· While fashion changes, the reason for being in school does not.  Students are in school to learn. Any fashion (dress, accessory, or hairstyle) that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted.
· Apparel should be appropriate for the daily school routine. 
·  During warm months: shorts/skirts must be longer than fingertip length, shirts must cover the shoulder, and shoes must be secured to the foot with a strap around the ankle.
·  The following factors should be considered in determining a student’s dress and grooming:
         *Cleanliness and other aspects of personal hygiene
         *Make-up is strongly discouraged 
·  Due to the increasing number of life threatening allergies our students may have; please do not send in birthday treats. If treats are mistakenly brought in, they will be sent back home.   Your child will still be recognized on their birthday and teachers will provide a “nonfood” related privilege to share with their classmates to make their day special here at school. 


·  Please feel free to call the office any time during the day to leave a message for a staff member, who will make every attempt to return your call as promptly as possible. 
·  Calling the office to send messages to your child should be kept to a minimum (near emergency situations only).  Please make every effort to remind your children of any special after-school arrangements – before they leave home.  It is best in these cases to write a note to your child and/or teacher.
·  Office telephones are not to be used for personal calls. 
·  Cell phones are not recommended; however, if students need to bring a cell phone to school, it MUST BE TURNED OFF.  It must not be seen or heard or it will be taken away until a parent comes and picks it up from the office.  
Students are not permitted to play on the playground after school unless they are being supervised by their parent/guardian. 
Animals are not permitted on school property during arrival and dismissal of students.  Several children have allergies and we need to keep our students safe. 
·  Students riding bikes to school are to follow the basic local ordinances governing their use. 
·  All bicycles should be parked in the bicycle rack. 
·  The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged bikes.  Bikes should be properly parked and locked, and can never be brought into the building. 
·  Bicycle helmets are encouraged. 
Student Fines and Fees:
Students using school property and equipment can be fined for excessive wear and abuse of the property and equipment.  The fine will be used to pay for the damage.


Lost and Found:
·  Coats, sweaters, boots, lunch boxes, and other assorted items that are left at school by students will be placed in the Lost and Found. 
·  Please put your child’s name on all personal property.  Encourage your son or daughter to check the Lost and Found to look for misplaced items. 
·  Unclaimed items will be given to charity 
Emergency Drills:
The school complies with all safety laws and will conduct fire drills in accordance with State Laws.
Tornado Drills will be conducted during the tornado season using the procedures provided by the State of Michigan.  Lock-down Drills will be conducted during the school year in accordance with State Laws. Drills may occur without prior notification given to parents, staff, and/or students.
Student Progress:
Our school will be issuing standard based report cards for grades K-5.  The standard based report card is designed to provide parents specific information in the most critical standards that their child will learn throughout the school year.  The report cards will be sent home three times during the school year. Progress reports will also be sent home throughout the year to keep you up-to-date on your child’s progress. Dates of distribution will be noted on the parent monthly calendars and weekly emails. 

Communication between the school and parents and guardians will be done by e-mails, phone calls, monthly newsletters, and parent calendars, parent/teacher conferences, notices, flyers, and the marquee in front of the school.  Visit our website www.wyandotte.org/washington for information throughout the school year.  You can also follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/WashGenerals    or             Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/WashingtonElementaryWyandotte.  If you would like text messages reminders of events, you can sign up for Remind by texting: @964f09 to the number: 81010

Supply Lists:

You can find the recommended class supply lists on our website.  In addition to these items, please send in a pair of headphones for your student to use in the computer lab.  You can find a pair at your local dollar store. These will stay in the computer lab and labeled with your child’s name for only him/her to use. 



Change of Clothes:
Please have your child store a change of clothes in his/her locker throughout the school year. If they spill something on themselves during lunch, splash in a mud puddle, or have an accident there will be no need for students to wait for a change.                                                 
Parent Connect:
Parent Connect will be available to our Elementary families again this year.  This program will allow parents the ability to view their child’s attendance and meal account totals electronically.  https://sis.resa.net/ParentPortal/    
Parent Organization: 
W.O.W. (Workers of Washington) – Meetings are located in the library and childcare is available.  All parents are welcome!  
Special classes:
Students attend art, library, computers, gym, and music weekly.
Extra programs/services/opportunities: 
Title I, RTI (Response to Intervention) Reading and Math Support, PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support), H.E.L.P. (Community Service Program for 5th gr.), Safeties, Service Squad
Title I:
Our school is school-wide Title I school, which means we receive federal funds due to the percentage of students that receive subsidized meals (free/reduced lunch).  Title I funds are used at the school level to best meet the needs of ALL students and is divided up into several large categories, including staff development, to help improve instruction of teachers, parenting to help meet the needs of our communities through collaboration and support, and necessary supplies to be successful.  
In order to make sure that the needs of our children are met, we feel it is very important that our teachers, parents, and community members participate in the children’s learning process.  Our school offers many events that involve parents so you can become active in your child’s education and assist them at home. All parents and community members are encouraged to participate, attend parent meetings, or even just share your opinions and concerns.  We want ALL parents to have a voice. 
Please feel free to visit our school website and view our Title I Parent Plan along with other    communication letters and newsletters that will get you better acquainted and involved with our school. 


PBIS:  (see flyer for more information)
Providing a safe and productive learning environment for our students is extremely important to the staff at Washington.  To accomplish this goal, we have implemented the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) Program.  This program is designed to teach respect, responsibility, and safety at school in a proactive and positive manner.
PBIS is a researched-based program that is a proven school support system that aids in the reduction of problematic behaviors.  The key to this program is focusing on prevention of negative behaviors. Students are taught clearly defined behavioral expectations and also recognize that there are specific rewards and consequences for behaviors.  Students are recognized for positive behaviors and rewards are given to support their positive efforts. Along, with clearly defined expectations and implementation of rewards/consequences, problematic behaviors are quickly and constructively addressed.  Discipline data is collected and shared with staff in order to understand the most common problem behaviors and locations so adjustments can be made.
We believe this program inspires students to do their best, making school a great place for every student!
Discipline Procedures:
         We are committed to helping students both academically and socially.  At the elementary level we take every opportunity to teach students skills that will transfer into life as a positive/productive member of the community.  When problems arise, they can usually be addressed by the classroom teacher (which may or may not involve parent contact). If other disciplinary interventions are necessary, the teacher may rely on other resources such as our social worker, the development of a behavior plan, or administrator involvement.       
If consequences need to be issued for violation of rules, each situation, the severity of the action and/or number of times a particular student has been addressed regarding the same type of infraction, is taken into consideration.  Consequences that may be issued include, but are not limited to: parent contact, apology/restitution, privilege loss, detention (lunch time, during school, or after school), and/or suspension day(s). Parents will be contacted and information regarding their child only, will be discussed. Home/school communication is essential in maintaining consistency and support for our students.
Building Healthy Communities:
In the past, we received a grant and participated in the Building Healthy Communities program which is built on a comprehensive school health philosophy under which healthy eating and physical activity opportunities and education are embedded throughout the school environment.  This program focuses on healthy living activities and education for students at different times and places during the day. These are still the goals of Washington as we strive to continue to be a Healthy Community. Please help us support healthy lifestyles for our students by encouraging healthy food choices and regular physical activity with your young one.